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For First Time HVAC Customers, We Waive the Service Fee! That’s an $89 Value Totally on Us!

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Our Wise Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re committed to making sure the quality and craftsmanship you receive makes us the wisest decision you can make. That’s why for all plumbing and HVAC calls, we provide our satisfaction guarantee. If there’s anything dissatisfactory with your job, we’ll make sure to stay until it’s great or come back to fix the issue free of charge!

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About Us

Garry Wise, the founder of Chandler Wise Services has worked in the Huntsville-Decatur area for over 15 years. With specialties in plumbing and HVAC services, he prides himself on ensuring customers are satisfied all the time and that customers receive the best craftsmanship around. Most of all, Garry seeks to confirm that choosing Chandler Wise Services was a wise decision for you. Schedule a service call today!

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“We needed a laundry sink installed for the laundry room. It wasn’t there prior to us purchasing the home so we called Garry with Chandler Wise Services. The price he charged was reasonable and he was on time for the appointment. While he was there, he was helpful enough to look at our kitchen faucet and install a new diffuser. I can definitely say that our experience with Chandler Wise Services was quite positive and we recommend them for any plumbing needs.”

– Frank Mayhall

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For First Time Customers, We Waive the Service Fee! That’s an $89 Value Totally on Us!

Using a Great Service Contractor Matters

Each home has plumbing and heating and air units right? If they didn’t, there would be major issues with people’s homes. They couldn’t survive in the crazy Alabama heat! Well with time, there will always be wear and tear. Things break down, rot or get broken. Without maintenance and adequate care, things will wear off in efficiency.

This is why it’s important for you to have a great plumbers Huntsville AL technician to help. You may notice though that there’s plenty of service contractors out there and available. If you just did a Google search for these companies, you’d find hundreds, even thousands of them! So which company will actually be the best service contractor for you and your needs?

Why Chandler Wise Services Has Great Plumbers Huntsville AL

Chandler Wise Services has been a great organization for people in Northern Alabama. For cities like Huntsville, Decatur and Hartselle, they’ve been a trustworthy resource for work. You’ll find the great reviews, great deals and great customer service a refreshing experience in a world of mediocre businesses. To schedule a time, please give us a call and we’ll be overjoyed to solve whatever plumbing and heating and air conditioning issues you’re dealing with!

1st Time HVAC Customers Waive the $89 Service Fee

We’ve got great plumbers Huntsville AL, but we also have a great team of heating and air conditioning specialists too. If you’ve never heard of us and want to give us a try as your dependable service contractor, we waive the service fee! That’s right, for your first-time, don’t worry about paying us the $89 to come out to your place. We want to make sure you trust that we’ll at least show up on time, look presentable and provide you educational insights on your home issues.

Great, Clear Communication

You’ll also really like the great communication and clarity we bring with each call. We find so many contractors really haven’t developed great communication habits. Calling or texting the customer beforehand to confirm the appointment, acting cheerful and excited to help out a customer and answering the customer’s questions with thoughtful, informative answers should be automatic! Unfortunately, this is not the case and we’ve had plenty of customers call us because the original company they called missed the appointment. In fact, the original company said it would cost a certain amount on the phone, but then charged an even higher price at the house! After the work was done!

No Surprise Pricing Policy

That’s another reason why people love working with us. Customers know that whenever they work with us, they’ll never be surprised or caught off guard by the bill. First of all, we don’t want to give prices over the phone. We can’t actually predict what the specific expense will be at the home. We could take really educated guesses, but there aren’t any plumbers Huntsville AL or HVAC technicians that can, with 100% confidence, tell you what the actual price will be for work.

We first have to do an assessment of your home’s plumbing and HVAC systems to verify the details of the job. Then we come back to you and provide you with options to choose from. We’ll give you an affordable option that serves as a “band-aid” and improve the options based upon your budget. Trust me and trust the 80+, 5-star reviews about your business. We aren’t deceiving people into large bills they end up regretting.

Clean Job Guarantee

Something you’ll also know to be true, is when you work with our team of plumbers Huntsville AL, you’ll always be left with a cleaner home. You’ll find that there are service tech companies that seem to hire people who don’t have any decency for your home. On construction projects, they’ll smoke and drink beverages and leave trash around the property. The work staff usually isn’t the most glamorous bunch. 

At the same time, you shouldn’t have to deal with uncleanliness. You hire us to come and clean up messes! So we are committed here at Chandler Wise Services, to provide you with a clean job guarantee. You won’t ever have to call us back for a job that’s not clean or kept tidy.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The whole point of our work in this field is to ensure that our services go above and beyond what you might expect from plumbers Huntsville AL. We were tired of the way service technicians were viewed by homeowners. There really is a stigma out there about the industry and you’ll find that Chandler Wise Services comes to deliver great results every time, or your money back!