Why a Reliable HVAC Technician is Important

It gets hot in Alabama. Apparently the state of Alabama is ranked as the #7 hottest state in the nation! With that heat comes the more pressing necessity for a great heating and air systems. It’s such a relief to walk into a nice, cool home after working outside on the lawn, going out for a jog in the park or riding motorcycle in the sunny summers. It’s become a huge priority for homeowners to have effective HVAC units.

The problem is these systems die all the time. Because it’s so stinkin’ hot, HVAC units wear out and need to be replaced constantly. Usually, it’s pretty expensive too. So not only is the homeowner stressed about how hot it is in their home, but their wallet is about to be stressed too! Are they really going to be willing to live with a heating and air unit? Of course not, it’s sweltering out there.

At Chandler Wise Services, we absolutely understand how stressful this can be. In fact, our owner, Garry Wise, used to work for the big guys for 15 years. In his experience with our HVAC Huntsville AL technicians, he found these companies to charge ridiculous rates for their work and not even guarantee that the work will actually get solved. Plus the scheduling methods these big guys have been unreasonable. Do we really expect customers to be happy to wait at their home for a 4-hour window of time? We have things to do!

At Chandler Wise Services, we dove into the heating and air market and found our style of customer service, avid communication, quick rate of work, reasonable pricing, and effective installation skills are what these customers have been waiting for. Whether it’s in Decatur, Huntsville, or any city in-between, you’ll love knowing that at Chandler Wise Services, we keep you as our biggest priority. We know every company will say that, but as we discuss on our About Us page, we’ve got great reviews to back up our work, we provide a clean job guarantee on all service calls, we schedule windows no longer than three hours of time (oftentimes shorter than that) and will get you scheduled very quickly. Go ahead and just fill out a form or give us a call today.

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Here’s just some of the main areas of concern that we address with each of our heating and air customers:

Main HVAC Huntsville AL Services

Residential & Commercial AC Maintenance

Your heating and air system needs to be maintained by a trusted HVAC Huntsville AL technician. In fact, maintenance is a huge deal for air conditioning systems. It’s been shown that if you maintain your units on an annual or bi-annual basis, they’ll last several years longer than if you didn’t maintain them. The reason for that is because, with the super hot weather in Alabama, it wears out the capabilities of your heating and cooling unit. Without regular care and maintenance of your appliances, they will die much more quickly. That means you’ll need to shell out several thousands of dollars more frequently.

If you choose to receive maintenance from HVAC Huntsville AL technicians from Chandler Wise Services, you’ll be relieved of the financial obligation to get new systems every three years. You’ll instead only spend a couple of hundred dollars per year or every six months. This will keep your system lasting for several years to come, without a major replacement. To get set up on our maintenance program, give us a call today at 256.476.2495.

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Residential & Commercial AC Repair and Replacement

Heating and air units go out all the time. You need somebody who can quickly be at your side and fix your HVAC issues. Who should you call?

You should definitely call HVAC Huntsville AL technicians that have proven credentials online. You’ll be able to find these credentials by reading reviews about their business and seeing plenty of photos of projects they’ve completed. At Chandler Wise Services, we’re constantly gaining more and more reviews online. These reviews and the online reputation matters with residential and commercial customers of ours.

Not only are we useful for the quick fix, but we also do a great job with full replacements. Change outs and full installations are our bread and butter. We’ll be able to take care of you very quickly and provide you with the best quality tools on the market. A great functioning heating and air unit really do wonders for your home. That’s why giving us a call will surely be an effective, wise decision.


Residential & Commercial Furnace Maintenance

These same ideas matter for furnaces as well! While it’s not cold for a long time in Alabama, we know that people have a low tolerance for cold weather. Whenever it gets below 40 degrees and into freezing weather, people start freaking out and breaking out their parkas.

So to make sure that your furnace stays functional and ready to go, you call a company like ours at Chandler Wise Services. We’ve done a tremendous job of ensuring that people’s work runs efficiently and that our guys aren’t slowing down. We keep stacking ourselves with quite a bit of work to make sure that when you need to make a call, we’re always there. That’s for maintenance calls and for anything else!


Residential & Commercial Furnace Repair and Replacement

Your HVAC Huntsville AL technician would love to be able to bless you with a great furnace repair or replacement. We know how annoying it can be to turn on your furnace/heating system, but nothing is turning on. Or when you try to turn up the heat, it only reaches a certain limit of heat. That’s especially frustrating when you’re getting weak heat from your air system. It’s like trying to turn on a hot shower, but it only gets lukewarm!

Schedule a time with Chandler Wise Services to ensure that you always have a helpful HVAC Huntsville AL technician available to address your needs on a regular basis. It’s as simple as filling out a form on our website or just giving us a call today at 256.476.2495. Trust us, we’re really quick to respond to your call and get you scheduled in our packed calendar!